1. Love may not easy but worth it
    (wedding promo video) A little story about looking for true love in the days may not easy Josephine & Dennis Wedding Gown from Tadpole Studio www Image Designer: Tadpole Yung Director: Stanley Lee
  2. “Isles” - Short Film
    The story is about a boy looks to the other island from the distance with a classic telescope, and he finds something interesting. Cast: Lo Chun Lung / Bonde Sham / Stanley Lee / Max Cheung Special Thanks: Alice Li / Nabil Lam Wardrobe supplied by Tadpole Studio ( Production Assistant: Max Cheung Fashion Designer: Tadpole Yung Story / Director: Stanley Lee Wai Hon
  3. Beautiful Memories in Raining
    What if raining on your wedding day? Do you feel terrible or much more romance? The idea of this film is when I went to some wedding ceremony, some couples is unhappy because of little stupid mistakes. This is not worth because we should enjoy and be happy in this big day whatever it is not prefect. Artist: Nico Chiu Voice-over / English Subtitle: Nabil Lam Make-up: Alice Li Art/Fashion Director: Tadpole Yung Director/Camera: Stanley Lee, Wai Hon
  4. Angel in forest
    A boy is seeking his angel in forest. Artist: April Leung, Justin Wong Director: Tadpole Yung Camera: Tim Cheung King Si, Stanley Lee
  5. Love Journey in Okinawa
    Love of Jacky and Kate, dancing in Okinawa, Japan Welcome to visit our web-site:
  6. The Moments
    A girl enters a noodle shop and collect her love moments. Fashion by
  7. MV - The Moment 決志
    This is a Cantonese song about the moment of accepting Jesus Christ in our life. We shoot it in Singapore and actors are come from Hong Kong, Vancouver and Sydney. The song is composed by Grace Melodia ( and the film is made by Sorry about it's only have Chinese subtitle.
  8. Chat
    You don't have to know what they say, but what makes them not talk. 他們說甚麼不重要,重要是甚麼令他們不再說。 Bonde Sham Max Cheung Lo Chun Lung Art Director: Tadpole Yung Director: Stanley Lee, Wai Hon
  9. Love Odyssey 天際漫遊 (MV)
    I created and shot a short drama to celebrate my wedding in 2010, and this MV is the theme song of the drama. The actor and actress are not my wife and me, but presenting what we think about love. The song is created by my friend, who is in a band called "Jesus 4". Sorry, this is a Cantonese version without subtitle, but hope you can enjoy the music and the feeling of it. Thanks!
  10. Mid-Autumn
    Updated News: This film was shot in Mid-Autumn Festival of 2014, but now the girl, Constance, was pass away in Nov 2015. She was a strong, positive girl even she had cancer. And encourage all people around her. Film Story: A girl, Constance is going to introduce Mid-Autumn Festival in Chinese culture. This is a day for family gathering and celebrate with beautiful lanterns. However, a behind story is about Constance had a cancer three years ago and how family support her in this crisis. Directed by Stanley Lee, Wai Hon Lighting and Audio by Tadpole Yung
  11. “God’s grace is sufficient for me” 神祢的恩典夠我用 Cantonese MV
    A cantonese MV was shot in Toronto, Canada. Directed by Stanley Lee and produced by Grace Melodia
  12. “Your words” 重回祢話語中 Mandarin song MV
    A tired woman has full of worry but finally become positive after read the God's words.
  13. The Gift (Love story in Japan)
    Each gifts with their love memory Location: Japan
  14. Wing & Ma Kin’s Wedding Day
    Wing & Ma Kin’s Wedding
  15. Raye & Kalvin Wedding Day
    Raye & Kalvin Wedding Day
  16. Tofu Love Story
    Tofu Love Story
  17. Jim & Tracy Love Story
    Jim & Tracy Love Story
  18. Love Story - Carrie the Gift
    Love Story - Carrie the Gift
  19. Love Story (Interview) - Carmen & Jason
    Love Story (Interview) - Carmen & Jason
  20. EDKI - A Traveling Love Tale (Oversea - UK)
    EDKI - A Traveling Love Tale (Oversea - UK)
  21. Natalie & Terry Wedding Day
    Natalie & Terry Wedding Day
  22. Natalie & Terry's Love Story (Special Version)
    Natalie & Terry's Love Story (Special Version)
  23. Science Love Song (Natalie & Terry's Story)
    Science Love Song (Natalie & Terry's Story)